A New Year & New ReSEWlutions

Happy New Year!  Did you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve?  I spent the night with good food and better friends. Luckily, I didn’t party too hard so I spent the beginning of the year taking on a “sewing apprentice” rather than lazing on my couch with a hangover.  One of my best friends has been wanting to learn to sew and I decided to take him under my wing and show him the ropes.  So far we have just been going over the basics but it has been good to go back through everything.  It reminded me of how far I have come in the past year since I started sewing clothing and has given me perspective on where I want to grow.

My resolution this year is for my blog. I want to grow it and by doing that I will be pushing myself to meet certain goals.  Some of them are more on the technical side with transitioning my blog to being self-hosted and getting it formatted how I want.  Others relate to certain clothing items I want to make.  I figured the best way to keep these goals is to put them down in writing and share them with you.  Once it is out there for all the world to see I will feel more accountable towards making them a reality.

So first up, I am participating in the #2018MakeNine challenge.  If you aren’t aware, it is an Instagram challenge that was started a few years ago by blogger LuckyLucille.  It is meant to be a “gentle challenge” to make 9 things in a year.  You can make more than 9 and I am sure that I will; but I liked the flexibility of this.  The nine things that I am challenging myself to make are as follows:

Rockabilly Dress
Rockabilly Dress – Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book
  1. The Rockabilly Dress from Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book – I have 3 of Gertie’s pattern books and I have yet to make anything from them. Which is a bit shocking even to myself considering the propensity with which I sew her other patterns. This is not to say I haven’t opened the books, I have several pages in each book marked with all the things I want to make. I just haven’t gotten there yet.  This year I have decided to start with the Rockabilly dress. I just got some Star Wars fabric from Joann’s that I thing would look awesome with this pattern and some rick-rack or pom-pom trim.
Butterick B5880

2. Butterick B5880 Side Ruffle Dress and Belt – This is a pattern that I have been sitting on for a while. I even have the fabric and notions already bought. I originally wanted this dress to be for my anniversary dinner but I got sidetracked by all the fabulous plaids for autumn and winter that this got pushed to the side.  So, my new goal is to try to have this dress done for Valentine’s Day.  My hubby and I don’t always go out as it’s not a “real” holiday but this year I have decided we should treat ourselves.  Plus the burnout velvet brocade fabric I bought doesn’t lend itself to an everyday restaurant. So, I am using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get all dolled up. 

Lamour Dress
Charm Patterns L’Amour Dress

3. Charm Patterns L’Amour Dress – I love the neckline versatility  on this dress. You can wear it halter, strapless, cross front halter, or tie the straps into a big ol’ bow on the front. I have a Hawaiian print fabric to make this into a tiki inspired dress and I am just waiting for it to get closer to summer so I can make and wear this.  I also want to challenge myself with the spiral steel boning.  I have never made a boned bodice so I figure this is just the ticket to get my feet wet.

New Look 6535

4. New Look 6535 Misses Cape in 4 Lengths – It doesn’t get very cold in Southern California so a wool winter coat is a bit unnecessary. But I have been loving the look of all the capes I have been seeing lately. Since this doesn’t have sleeves but arm slits I felt it would do well for this weather.  I can throw it on over a swing dress and leave it unclasped with my arms through the slits so I don’t get too hot.  If it is cold, I can pull my arms in and fasten it up.

Butterick B6530

5. Butterick B6530 Misses Full Slip and Petticoat – I wear a petticoat almost every day and would love to be able to make my own to my preferred dimensions. Plus, since I can pick the fabric I don’t have to worry about scratchy tulle irritating my skin and I can make all the colors.

Simplicity 8130

Simplicity 8130 Vintage Tops and Crop Tops – I have quite a few skirts that I wish I had nicer basic tops to wear with. I often wear a camisole with a cropped cardigan over it which is fine for every day, but these tops will make the perfect basic essential as they are simple but cute and can be made in a variety of colors and patterns.

Charlotte Skirt
By Hand London Charlotte Skirt

By Hand London Charlotte Skirt – I have been lusting after this skirt for some time. The peplum can be moved from the bottom of the skirt, to the top of the skirt, or left off completely. But the mermaid/trumpet shape of the ruffle at the bottom makes my heart swoon. I have avoided this for a variety of reasons; one it’s a pdf pattern and I have been too lazy to get to the copy shop and print it when I have oodles of printed patterns at home. Secondly, it is meant for medium weight fabric with a bit of stretch.  My waist to hip ratio is pretty big so I have been quite nervous to make this in a fabric that doesn’t have A LOT of stretch. But this year I am going to tackle my fear of the wiggle and make this skirt.

Butterick B6285

Butterick B6285 Misses Wrap Top & Skirt – I mainly want this pattern for the top. I actually made this top as a Christmas present for my cousin and have been lusting after one (or many) for myself ever since. I like that I could throw it on over a sundress or with a swing skirt.  If I ever find a pair of high-waisted jeans that don’t make me feel like a grandma it would be super cute paired with this cropped wrap top.


Charlie Dress
By Hand London Charlie Dress

By Hand London Charlie Dress – I love this pattern and the only reason I haven’t made it is because it is a pdf pattern and I have been too lazy to go to the copy shop. This year that will no longer be the case! I love the ability to have contrasting patterns like in the picture. That is something that I haven’t played around with too much and something I want to explore.

On top of my Make Nine challenge I have also taken on learning to knit.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ll get to see a little bit of my journey so far. Part of my Christmas present from the Hubby was a Knit Picks Hue Shift Afgan kit.  He got me the jewel tone kit which is no longer available but the rainbow colorway is just as amazing.  Prior to opening the box I had never even held knitting needles. I am now part way through my 3rd mitered square of 100.  So I expect I will be pretty adept at knitting garter stitches by the time I finish.  I am not very fast and I expect this wil take me at least 3 months to complete, but my goal is to finish it before the end of the year.

Well, do you have any resolutions for 2018?  If so, what are they?  Do you always make resolutions? Do you have tips for making sure you achieve them?  Tell me in the comments down below.  I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time…

~Sewcial Dee



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