Christmas in Unique Vintage

Christmas in Southern California is never a picturesque affair like you see in the movies. For one thing it has been almost 80°F this past week, nothing says Christmas like summer weather. (Insert sarcastic undertone) I am longing for things to cool down some so I can break out my cute coats, but lately even a cardigan has been too much to bear.

Selma 7

We don’t get snow where I am at, if we want we can drive 2+ hours to the mountains where the temps are cooler and the weather seem more inline with the season. Which we did the other weekend for a friend’s birthday and most people would probably laugh at how bundled up we all were at 48°F.  Because it doesn’t feel like Christmas I haven’t really gotten in the mood to wear anything festive this month. Which is sad really because I have plenty of cute winter outfits like this dress from Unique Vintage. I got this in my October dress of the month box and instantly knew it was a perfect holiday dress. I mean how much more Christmas-y can you get with a bright red dress that has a bunch of bows on it.  If you are not familiar with the dress of the month club you can read my previous post with the details about it here.

Selma 11

I got this dress in my usual size, XL and I have to admit that it is a little bit looser in the bust and waist then my past dress of the month picks. Unfortunately, I have chubby arms and that is the one place it is tight. The dress is the Unique Vintage Selma Swing Dress and it retail for $88. It seems to be meant for a curvier figure based on the bodice construction. It has 4 bust darts, two that run diagonally from the center of the waist towards the apex of the bust creating an interesting “v” shape. As well as two darts running horizontally from the side bodice towards the apex of the bust. These darts definitely give the girls wiggle room because based on the size chart I should be a smidge squashed, but I had ample room. The waist is also generous, typically an XL will fit a 32” waist, this fits a 34”-35.5” waist so it is big on my 31” waist, but the belt it comes with helps cinch the extra in.

Selma 10

The neckline is a scoop neck and the models online can get the sleeve to sit on their shoulder, because of my arms the scoop neck was more off the shoulder for me. Luckily the sleeve detail is so darn cute that it makes up for my arms being slightly pinched. The fabric has some stretch to it, which is probably the only reason I could manage to get my arms into this thing.

Selma 9

It is made of a brushed cotton and has a slight sheen that makes it feel dressier than your typical cotton. The color of the fabric is the perfect shade of red, great for Christmas and even Valentine’s Day. I’d say this is a true red, in that it doesn’t lean towards burgundy by having a blue undertone or rust with an orange undertone.

Selma 1

This features a full swing skirt that is gathered by pleats. Similar to the bust darts, the skirt front has two diagonal pleats that form an inverted “v” shape which just adds to the appearance of an hourglass figure.

Selma 12

Because this is a pretty basic swing dress it can easily be dressed up or down. It also can be paired with various colors. I have worn it with different colored belts to change the look.  In order to play up the Christmas theme I wore a vintage jewelry set I got from Redbird Vintage that reminded me of candy cane pieces. If you haven’t heard of Redbird Vintage I recommend checking them out. They even have a monthly subscription service where you can get 2, 3, or 5 vintage accessories or clothing items. *** This is not an ad for them, I just really enjoy their jewelry selection.***

Selma 14

I am also wearing my favorite brand of stockings from What Katie Did. Their Glamour Seamed Stockings come in all sorts of fun colors and the larger weft makes them really comfortable for those of us with larger circumference thighs. For reference, I wear a M/L and have a 27” thigh circumference.

Selma 13

My hair piece is actually a 12” wreath I got on sale at Joann’s while fabric shopping one day with my hubby. I jokingly put it on my head and he said I should get it for blog photos since it was actually cute. As it was on sale for $5 I figured why not, turns out it doesn’t look completely ridiculous. (Although, I felt ridiculous wearing it out while taking these photos.)  Lastly, my shoes are a pair of DKNY heels I got for a wedding I was in almost a decade ago. They aren’t in production anymore, but if I was in the market for silver heels I would total snap up these really cute retro heels.

Selma 8

Well I am off to wrap presents and make oodles of fudge. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a lovely time filled with sweet treats and family.

I’d love to know your favorite Holiday tradition for this time of year or if you will be celebrating a white Christmas. My favorite tradition is baking, but that’s because I get to lick the spoon!

Happy Holidays!

~Sewcial Dee


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