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My Favorite Lipstick – The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes

If you dress in the pinup style then the likelihood is pretty high that you practically live in red lipstick.  When most people think of the 1950 aesthetic, red lips are usually at the forefront of their minds. That’s not to say that you can’t wear other color lipsticks and dress pinup, you can.  I do, and so do plenty of others. However, the search for the perfect lipstick is a constant struggle as there are quite a few factors to consider like:

  • PigmentHow many swipes does it take to get full color coverage? 
  • ApplicationIs it easy to apply and get clean crisp lines?
  • Staying PowerHow well does it hold up to daily wear?  
  • ConsistencyIs it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time?  Does it dry out your lips?
  • FinishIs it matte, satin, metallic, cremé, or glossy?
  • SmellDoes it have a noticeable smell when on? Your lips are close to your nose.  
  • TasteDoes it taste bad if you accidentally lick your lips?
  • VarietyDoes the brand offer a multitude of shades?  
  • PriceIs it expensive?  If you wear lipstick every day price will make a difference.

These are things that I consider every time I try new lip product.  I wear lipstick almost every day and I wear it for prolonged periods of time.  I typically apply my lipstick around 7:30 am and I don’t take it off until I wash off my make up before bed.  Which depending on the day could range from anywhere between 10 pm to 2 am.  Because I have my lipstick on for quite a while I am very picky about the product I use.

When I first started wearing red lipstick I would buy the cheapest drugstore product I could find.  However, finding a shade I liked was something I struggled with since you cannot try before you buy.  Which means I ended up with a drawer full of product I didn’t use. My best friend and I called it “Lipstick Roulette” since you never really know if what you bought would work. So, I upgraded to brands I could try at Sephora or Ulta  and found shades I loved with my skin tone.

Then my biggest issue was staying power.  With traditional lipstick, I was constantly having to check for smudges and reapply because I drank from a coffee cup or ate something causing the inner rim of my lips would wear off.  My husband also hated if I transferred my lipstick on him when I gave him a kiss.  So, my struggle shifted to finding a lipstick that would stay put no matter what.

When liquid lipsticks first became popular a couple years ago they seemed to be my ace in the hole. They would stay put and came in colors I loved but they dried out my lips so badly that I would have to spend the next day with only Chapstick applied to try and rehydrate.

So back to cream lipstick I went until I was recommended The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes.  It came in my Ipsy beauty box subscription in a shade I normally wouldn’t have picked for myself, pink. But boy did I love it.  This liquid lipstick really checks all my boxes.

The pigment is full coverage in only a couple swipes.


It is easy to apply.  The applicator wand is the standard doe foot that most liquid lipsticks come with; however, this doesn’t dry down immediately so I can refine the shape if needed.


I can apply this in the morning and have very minimal (if any) touch up needed after lunch.  I typically reapply after dinner if we are going out, otherwise it gets washed off soon after.  My longest day of wear is on Thursdays.  My hubby runs a pool tournament (billiards) at a local bar and we don’t get home until close to 2 am. This lipstick will make it through my entire day of work and a night out with just my initial application and some minor touch up after lunch and/or dinner. It is also hubby approved as far as kiss proof.

The consistency is very creamy when first applied but dries down after a couple minutes to matte.  It stays a smidge tacky but I don’t mind as traditional lipstick does as well and in fact I feel like this doesn’t flake off because of the slight tackiness.

The finish is like the name says, matte.

It does have a light mint smell which is quite pleasant in my opinion.  If you don’t like mint or have issues with mint products than this may not be for you.

I don’t really find a taste to this.  Most traditional lipsticks taste kind of waxy and this doesn’t give off any particular flavor.

The Balm makes this in 18 colors and often has mini sets with 6 assorted colors you can try.

As for price, I would consider this to be pretty average.  If you get it online the price ranges from $9 to $17 depending on the retailer. Considering Kat Von D and Anastasia of Beverly Hills, two really popular liquid lipstick brands, go for $20 the price is pretty fair.

As a bonus, the packaging is really cute with a black and white photo of a couple sharing a milkshake.  The names are also adjectives for feelings of love like: Loyal, Committed, Dedicated, and Adoring.

This product has really changed my opinion on liquid lipsticks and I definitely want to try some other colors like Sincere and Brilliant.  Do you have a preferred brand of lipstick?  Have you tried Liquid lipsticks?  Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below.  I am always willing to try something new if you have a recommendation.

~Sewcial Dee

*I purchased this product with my own funds, this is not a sponsored post nor was I financially compensated by The Balm for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. *

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