Unique Vintage 1940s Red Plaid Carmen Half Sleeve Wiggle Dress

Could this dress be any more perfect for Autumn?  The minute the trees start changing color (yes that does happen in So Cal) I start wearing more and more plaid.  It is my favorite print of the season. There are so many color variations and oodles of ways to style it.  So you’ll see a lot of it hit my Instagram feed in the next few months… although if you were reading my last blog post than you may have noticed it in 3 of the 4 outfits I was pictured in. It is a problem, but definitely a “sorry, not sorry” one.


This dress was my surprise for September’s Dress of the Month with Unique Vintage.  I thought August’s dress was pretty spectacular (and it is) but this one made me happy dance with glee upon seeing it. If you know me, the happy dancing won’t surprise you. I am told I can be pretty…uh… exuberant when something delights me.  If you don’t know me, well you now have some insight about how I react to birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and according to my husband chocolate and bread.


Any who, in case you aren’t familiar with the Dress of the Month Club you can read all about it this post. The dress I got in September is the 1940’s Style Red Plaid Carmen Half Sleeve Wiggle Dress.  It is a gorgeous plaid made up of maroon, navy, and tan colors.  The fabric is some kind of modern wonder because while it looks like a nice cotton, it has a miraculous amount of stretch to it.  The ¾ sleeves have an adorable little keyhole and bow tie detail.  The dress has a cowl V neckline which is cut quite modestly but adds character to the dress. The shoulders have pleats which creates a ruching effect and adds to the drape in the bust. The wiggle skirt has 2 pleated kick vents in the back, which is one of my favorite alternatives to a back slit for ease of movement. The zipper runs up the back and is lapped rather than invisible which lends itself to a more authentic vintage look.  There is also a triangle cutout at the back neckline and to top it all off the dress comes with a lovely little black felt rose long pin.  


I am wearing this in a size XL.  For reference, my measurements are 44” Bust / 31.5” Waist / 49” Hips.  Based on the size chart my hips are about 4”-5” too big for this, but like I mentioned this dress has a miraculous amount of stretch.  I could actually stretch it a bit farther than my hip measurement which is insane because most stretch fabric only allows a couple inches of give, not half a foot!


Not only is the amount of stretch in the material amazing, but the fact that the print does not appear distorted while stretched is a bit mind boggling.  I figured since I was stretching the fabric an extra 4”-5” just by standing still the plaid would show some distortion in the pattern at my hips. But it doesn’t!  The material is very soft and thick.  It does not feel like I would split the seams if I ate more than a salad or sat down too quickly.  Always a plus, because while I might be able to dress up I am not a dainty or delicate person. I will also always go for carbs over a salad at any meal.


Perhaps it is just me, but I feel like this is a dress the lends itself towards dressing up.  Even if it is casually done. I didn’t want my long hair to detract from all the little details on the bodice of this dress so I put my hair up in a gibson tuck.  There are a million Youtube tutorials for this, but I use this kit to do my gibson tuck.  I topped off my hairdo with a cute pillbox hat I got off Amazon.  I have never been a hat person, but I now want a pillbox hat in every color.  Amazon has a bunch of cute styles and they are really flattering. My jewelry is from my wedding set that I bought at David’s Bridal. The shoes are a pair of Payless Duraflex Comfort Heels that I got during a BOGO sale. 


I absolutely adore this dress and I cannot wait for the weather to get a bit nippier so I can wear it paired with my Collectif Trench Coat. If you are looking for a cute fall vintage style dress don’t hesitate in grabbing this one, it is a dream.  If a wiggle isn’t your thing they have a swing dress that is fairly similar (here). The dress retails for $82; however, since it was my DOTM I got it for $50 but I definitely would have paid full price for this baby.


Do you have a favorite print for Autumn?  Would you like to see a tutorial for how I did my hair?  Let me know you thoughts in the comments down below.  Also, in case you couldn’t see this coming… there will be more plaid perfection featured in the next couple months so stay tuned.

~Sewcial Dee


7 thoughts on “Unique Vintage 1940s Red Plaid Carmen Half Sleeve Wiggle Dress

    1. Thank you! There are so many little details on this dress I can’t think of a pattern off the top of my head, but let me check my stash and see if I can find one that’s similar to the overall shape.


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