Unique Vintage 1950’s De Carlo Dress in Pink Floral Chiffon

Fall in Southern California is mild to say the least.  My husband (who is from the East Coast) would tell you it is a joke; but he feels we only get one real season here and misses the four he got on the other side of the country.  He is the only person I know that moved to Southern California and laments the lack of snow and rain every year.


DOTM 8-17 3
Dress (Unique Vintage), Shoes (Similar / Similar), Hat (Charming Charlie)

Regardless of how green the trees stay year-round or how temperate the weather is, Fall is my favorite season.  I love all the boots, coats, cozy fabrics, and plaid that make an appearance.  However, the warm weather makes shucking my summer dresses for my flannel circle skirts a difficult choice.  No matter how cute and seasonably appropriate my outfit might look, I cannot get myself to put on most of my fall wardrobe when September 22nd hits.  80 degree days do not mix well with wool blends. So, I spend most of September and October in “transition” clothes.  Outfits that stay cool but have a more muted and/or dark color palette, lending themselves towards the feel of the season.

DOTM 8-17 1

This dress is a new piece to my “transition” wardrobe and I am loving it.  I received it for my August Dress of the Month from Unique Vintage and ever since I got it, it has seen quite a bit of rotation in my closet.  If you are not already aware, Unique Vintage is a clothing retailer that offers vintage-inspired dresses, separates, accessories, and shoes.  They cater mostly to women but also have offerings for men and children.  One of these offerings is the Dress of the Month Club where for $50 a month you will get a dress handpicked in your size and sent to your house.  If you don’t like it, just return it using the pre-paid mailing label.  The monthly fee will be credited to your account and used for the next month’s dress. The dresses vary in value but you can snag a new pretty for up to 70% off retail.  So far most of the ones I have gotten retail around $100.  Which means I am basically getting a new frock for half off each month.  That’s a deal in my book.

DOTM 8-17 8

I particularly love that the dresses are a surprise. The few I have received so far are ones I never would have picked for myself but ultimately end up adoring  Like this dress, Unique Vintage’s 1950’s De Carlo Dress in Pink Floral Chiffon.  The minute I opened the box I was enamored with the colors in this dress. They are vibrant but still slightly muted.  

DOTM 8-17 6
I love this waist detail!

The dress is available in sizes XS-4X.  I am wearing an XL, although if it wasn’t for my bust I probably could have sized down in my waist.  The V-neck is modest enough that I can wear this to work without having to put a camisole on under.  The faux cummerbund with matching buttons defines the waist and is one of the little details that really make the dress for me.  Because this is chiffon it does not have any stretch to it so if you are between sizes, definitely size up.  The fabric is soft and floaty.  The dress is lined, which in my opinion instantly makes a dress feel more luxurious.  Most of my wardrobe is unlined so I always feel extra fancy when I wear something that is lined.  (Note to self: Line all dresses going forward) This dress has a back zip and my only complaint would be that I struggle to get the zipper all the way up without some help.  The back of the bodice starts at the base of your neck which is higher than I am used to.  Luckily my husband is around to help.  Although I could probably manage by myself with some spectacular gymnastics.

DOTM 8-17 7

My cousin who took the photos for me said that this is the perfect “any-occasion” dress as you can easily dress it up or wear it casually. The colors will work well year-round.  As she also pointed out, with the right accessories you could easily look more bohemian than pinup if that is your style. (In case you are wondering, her style is very bohemian. I am pretty sure she spends most days wanting to emulate Cher from the 60’s and 70’s). So if you aren’t into the pinup look this will still work for you.

If you like this dress and have an account with Unique Vintage they currently have it listed in their Devoted Darlings $25 Dress Sale. Which is a major steal as it normally retails for $98.  

I know this post is a little different than my prior ones and I will be back to pattern reviews shortly but I have been so enamored with this dress that I wanted to share it with you all.  Are any of you part of the Dress of the Month Club?  If so, share your experiences with me in the comments below. If you are not, would you like to be?  You can join the dress of the month club here.  Do you guys have transition clothes for when seasons are changing?  If so, I’d love to hear about what you wear.

~Sewcial Dee


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