About Me

Who is Sewcial Dee?

I am a twenty something Southern California girl with an affinity for all things retro.   My mother would tell you it is because I am an old soul.  I am pretty sure my friends think I am striving to be a pinup Martha Stewart.  In reality, I am just a very curious person that is drawn to the glamour of bygone eras.

Curious, how curious? 

If I go to dinner and love a meal you can pretty much guaranty I will spend the car ride home trying to find a way to recreate it. This curiosity has led to quite a few hobbies.  My most recent and probably most enthusiastic hobby has been sewing.  I have always loved fashion.  Being able to create clothes that fit me, because they were made for me, has helped me with my self confidence and made me realize how capable I can be as a person.

Why a blog?

Because I have been getting so much joy out of sewing I wanted to start this blog to share that feeling with others.  I began sewing clothing 9 months ago and would still consider myself a beginner.  There are lots of skills and techniques I have to learn but I hope that this blog will help challenge me and inspire me.  It will be a means to document my growth and if I am lucky perhaps others will be challenged and inspired from my experiences too.

Why the name?

Mainly, I am a sucker for a good play on words.  Social Distortion is one of my favorite bands and was formed in a city about 30 minutes away from where I grew up.  What better way to honor my roots and this hobby than with moniker that also references one of my favorite musical influences.

Will this only be about sewing?

No, for the most part this blog will be about sewing.  My sewing will be focused towards vintage styles (either vintage patterns or vintage recreation patterns) and I consider the pinup look to be part of my lifestyle.  So I would like this blog to be a space to also offer my opinion on vintage reproduction clothing brands I love.  I want to share my favorite makeup brands, tips on how to pinup on a budget as well as touch on a few of my other hobbies.  So you can expect to see some recipe posts or DIY crafts in the future.


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