Recreating A True Vintage Dress

If you have been following my last 2 posts then you know I am in the middle of my circle skirt series by breaking down the different types, explaining the math, etc.  However, since it is Valentine’s Day I am going to take a little break to show you something different.   Do you celebrate… Continue reading Recreating A True Vintage Dress

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Circle Skirt Math Explained

In my last post we talked about the different types of circle skirts.  Depending on which one you select (¼, ½, ¾, or full) will change the overall appearance and fullness of the skirt.  You can make your circle skirt to any length that you want as the pattern is drafted around your waist measurement. … Continue reading Circle Skirt Math Explained

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The Circle Skirt – A Wardrobe Essential

Whether you are just starting out dressing pinup or you have been at it a while, a circle skirt will be one of your go to wardrobe staples and it couldn’t be easier to make. Especially since there are blogs like By Hand London that have a calculator to help you with the math along the… Continue reading The Circle Skirt – A Wardrobe Essential


Cupcake Christmas Plaid – B6412 Pattern Review

  Have you ever seen a dress and had it stop you in your tracks because it is simply perfection?  I stumbled across this photo of Miss Victory Violet in a Miss Candyfloss dress and was overcome with severe dress lust.  Of course, the photo is from a couple years ago so dress isn’t in… Continue reading Cupcake Christmas Plaid – B6412 Pattern Review

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The Best of Both Worlds – Easy Reversible Wrap Skirt

I am a sucker for a full skirt. 90% of my closet is comprised of swing skirts and dresses. While on occasion I do love a good pencil skirt or fitted sheath dress. My heart is always drawn towards a full skirt. The floofier the better.   The first piece of clothing I ever made… Continue reading The Best of Both Worlds – Easy Reversible Wrap Skirt